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(House of the Kieners in the 1940s) Our Story

Standing tall among the magnificent hills of Metro Cebu, Chateau de Busay proudly carries the name of this flower-producing locality. A 15-minute drive from the city proper, along a scenic and winding road, brings you to this lovely garden restaurant 1,000 feet above sea level.

Built in 1968 by Paul John Kiener, this fortress-like masterpiece was home to Kiener, his wife Cely and their five children.

Paul Kiener was a brilliant American engineer who came to the Philippines in 1946 with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and proceeded to establish a reputable name in construction. With his mastery and expertise, he opened roads in Davao, Agusan and several cities in Luzon. He laid the groundworks of several Philippine landmarks such as Ateneo de Manila, Maryknoll College, Libingan ng mga Bayani and our very own Mactan International Airport.

Mrs. Araceli “Cely” Tolentino, a home economics graduate of the University of the Philippines, was a lyric soprano, and aptly so, as the daughter of Professor Fulgencio Tolentino, foremost Filipino composer of several zarzuelas, the most famous of which is “Walang Sugat”.

Acquired in 1983 by Swiss cheesemaker and gourmand Roland Werro, together with his Filipina wife, Emily, they lovingly and painstakingly turned it into a fine dining restaurant – Chateau de Busay.

Since 1991, Chateau has been owned and managed by the family of late Cebuano businessman, Victor Uy. His wife, Nonie, spearheaded the renovation and expansion of Chateau (in 2004 and 2013), creating beautiful party areas for the most intimate proposals to the most lavish of celebrations.

Chateau de Busay has taken its claim as the leading hilltop restaurant and events venue in Cebu, boasting of its lovely views of the mountains and the lush greenery.

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Chateau de Busay Inn & Restaurant
Lower Busay Hills, Nivel Hills
Cebu City, Philippines